A Hands on Introduction to Symmetric Key Cryptanalysis

This course focuses on implementing attacks on block ciphers. The Syllabus with all necessary information for this course can be found here.


Exercises can be found on the exercise website: Exercises. To get a grade for an exercise you also need to hand in a report (example_report.pdf, example_report.tex).


Lectures are in room 701 and start at 10:00.

# Date Slides Exercises Notes
1 27-02-2019 Introduction Introduction, Brute Force Exercise Paper
2 6-03-2019 MitM (1) MitM Exercise
3 13-03-2019 MitM (2) MitM Skinny
4 20-03-2019 MitM (3) MitM STP Exercise Skinny CVC | CVC generator
5 27-03-2019 No Lecture!
6 3-04-2019 Differential (1) Differential Differential/Linear tutorial
7 10-04-2019 Differential (2) Differential (2) Exercise
8 17-04-2019 No Lecture!
9 24-04-2019 No Lecture!
10 1-05-2019 Differential (3) Project, Differential TC05 Project Description
11 8-05-2019 No Lecture!
12 15-05-2019 Linear (1)
13 22-05-2019 Linear (2)
14 29-05-2019 Optimization
15 5-06-2019 Questions/Extra
16 12-05-2019 Questions/Extra


See Moodle for the grades

Final Project


Supplementary materials

A header file that contains some macros to measure clock cycles: rtdsc.h

A very nice and concise makefile tutorial by Bruce A. Maxwell: makefile tutorial

For a very extensive source on how to optimize your code see Agner Fogs webpage

Homepage of STP, with some information about the system and installation instructions/ web STP shell.

An interesting page full of usefull bit-fiddling operations

Contact information

You can send me email. See the Introduction slides for my email address